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Ambridge Concerned Citizens is  a group of concerned current and former residents, local businesses, employees, and organizations who want to see our beloved borough continue to prosper and grow in ways that will attract new home owners and businesses while preserving the clean, quiet, and friendly atmosphere we have enjoyed over the past decade. With the passing of heavy industry and the environmental cleanup that occurred the past few years, Ambridge was reborn for the second time in its long history…and we want to keep it that way.  

We came together in the autumn of 2019 to oppose the construction of a big rig truck maintenance facility and loading terminal for steel pipe, on a parcel of land at the north end of town that abuts the Ambridge Historic District. We believed that case law supported the denial of a zoning variance for the truck maintenance and repair facility and marshalling yard  project and retained counsel at our own expense to defend the denial before the Ambridge Zoning Hearing Board and through any additional Boro-level challenges and court appeals that might ensue. After months of legal challenges, the trucking company withdrew two appellate cases and put the property up for sale.

Our long-term vision is to gain non-profit status. In the meantime, we are operating as a non-profit, donating time, effort, and finances to the defense of our Ambridge Historic District and the restoration of other historic areas and buildings throughout the Borough. As we continue to grow in numbers and capacity, we want to work with private and governmental leaders at all levels to develop and maintain an overall growth plan for the Borough. This plan would assure: that new businesses are situated appropriately; that zoning designations and codes are equitably and consistently enforced; that citizens are encouraged to partner with law enforcement and fire professionals for civil and orderly behavior; and would support the integrity of our housing stock as well as the safety and cleanliness of our streets and public areas.  

Ambridge is beautiful, welcoming, strategically located, affordable, and safe. We welcome all who are committed to preserve and grow these attributes.

The Zoning Hearing: