We are a group of citizens committed to working together to maintain and improve the quality of life in our community. Join us to share your views and help us in our efforts!  


We list events that impact the lives and wellbeing of our citizens, both those called by others and those that we organize ourselves. These include local government meetings where issues of concern will be discussed, lobbying events, educational tours and talks, and more.


In our first year, we were able to prevent a trucking company from setting up a big rig truck maintenance and repair facility adjacent to our Historic District. The company filed two court appeals after being denied a zoning variance by the Zoning Hearing Board and then a building permit by the Borough, due largely to our outcry and the efforts of our excellent zoning attorney.  Although this was basically a zoning dispute, the larger issue is the lack of planned growth and zoning integrity in the Borough.  
We want appropriate businesses, service organizations, and affordable housing to take the place of large empty parcels, and we want to limit demolitions where historic buildings can be preserved and restored. All this takes communication and collaboration among many constituent groups. To this end, we continue to seek out and work with existing owners and potential buyers as well as government and private entities.


Find out how you can donate your time, skills, and financial resources to impact our environment and community.


Upcoming events



Community Yard Sale and Fundraiser 

Have you discovered that are boxes (maybe even storage pods) full of items that you just don’t want or need any more? Wishing you could contribute to the ACC legal defense fund but don’t have an overflowing checkbook balance? We have the answer!  We are collecting treasures worthy of re-homing to get ready for a huge outdoor celebration of our hometown and to raise funds to make sure that we can keep up the good work. Do you have treasures or want to volunteer to help with this fun event? Call 412-841-9693 for more information. More details will be posted as they become available.





Ambridge is all about community and neighbor helping neighbor. Our original mission to prevent an environmental catastrophe is now a community-wide initiative dedicated to enhancing every aspect of life in Ambridge.



To keep its small-town ambiance as a place where families want to live, Ambridge residents must unite with each other in support of block-, neighborhood-, and community-wide public and private initiatives.



Join like-minded individuals to beautify our borough and make it a safe, prosperous, and inviting place to live. Join in with our group activities and have fun at the same time



Do you have a concern or suffer from a problem in Ambridge? Tell us about it so that -together with those who have the authority to make changes - we can work towards a solution.

"We are a group of concerned citizens in Ambridge who believed it was inappropriate to build a tractor trailer terminal in a lot up against residences and the Ambride Historic District. We believed that the 24 hour, seven day a week marshaling yard would bring in a high volume of tractor trailers with associated noise, night lights, vibration, smells, and a visual impact that would disrupt our residential neighborhood and be destructive to our homes and the historic structures that make up community…[Due to our outcry and the efforts of our zoning lawyer] They have withdrawn both appeals and have put the property up for sale.

Our Historic District

All images courtesy of Rustbelt Mayberry Photography